If you are an existing Anti-Racism, Organiser, or Learner member and would like access to this membership too, please contact us. We have a special discount just for you!

About the Membership

Are you interested in a range of topics related to inequality and social justice? Would you like to have access to more than one of our courses AND engage with a group of people to reflect on your learning?

Our E-learning membership is the solution for you. When you subscribe to this plan, you will gain individual access to one course per quarter. 

At the end of the 3 months, engage in a group coaching session facilitated by a member of the Race Reflections team to reflect on your learning and ask any questions you may have.

In addition, you will get immediate access to our E-Learning Community! A platform to discuss, reflect and support each other as you progress to the courses.

This is a guided study program that will be delivered progressively in order to give you time to reflect on the material. You will gain access to a new course per quarter.

Order of access to courses on 2023:
Managing Microaggressions
Group Analysis of Differences
Introduction to Whiteness

Gender, Sexuality and Colonialism

The following order of access will be subject to discussion with members to cater to our community's interests.

What's included

This membership will offer you the following benefits worth over £100 for just £20/month:

  • A course per quarter

    £ 69 to £ 399 each

    A new course each quarter. We are constantly working to provide new material to our members. New courses will be added periodically. Save up to £339 when accessing our full-sized courses through this offer!

  • A group coaching session per quarter

    £ 100

    An opportunity to meet other members, network and reflect on your learning. Sessions will be facilitated by a member of our team.

  • Access to an online community of like-minded people

    £ 45

    As a member of the Race Reflections E-Learning Community, you will have access to a discussion space online to share reflections and questions with other members and the Race Reflections team.

Join us to start your anti-racist learning journey

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Race Reflections' Expertise

  • A deep understanding of culture, society and inequality

  • Psychoanalytic and group analytic insights on injustice and oppression

  • An unwavering professional commitment to social justice

Why join us?

We created this membership plan for anyone interested in what Race Reflections has to offer but for whom our regular events are not convenient due to the price or time constraints. You will have 3 months to complete each course at your own pace and an opportunity to discuss the material with an online community and through regular coaching sessions.