About this Course

This course will give you the knowledge necessary to examine the relational or dynamic related to difference, oppression and power.

We will go beyond the notions of bias or unconscious bias to present some core group analytic ideas to help us better understand how structural harm is also a function of unconscious dynamics and processes that may get activated at various levels of communication and affects relational and institutional configurations.


The course is priced at £399 for non-members and £150 for Race Reflections members.

Learning Objectives

This course is aimed at all helping professionals, teachers, medical staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, mental health, social justice AND anti-racism.

  • To define group analysis as a framework to understand unconscious dynamics in groups

  • Explore how it can help us understand dynamics, structures and processes as located within particular socio-historical contexts

  • Present some of the key concepts of group analytic thinking linking them to dynamics of othering, marginalisation and, oppression

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Case studies: The lived experience

    3. About this course

    1. What is group analysis?

    2. The group matrix

    3. Reading: Whiteness and the group analytic matrix

    4. In conclusion

    1. Basic assumptions

    2. Location of disturbance

    3. Scapegoating

    4. The white gaze

About this course

  • £399.00
  • 11 lessons
  • Reflective exercises


  • Reading material & case studies

  • Guided study & reflective prompts

  • Relevant videos & references

Understand the group dynamics of difference