About the Course

Current norms around gender identity and expression, as well as sexualities have a specific cultural origin. To deconstruct our own perspective and understand how society responds to gender and the LGBTQI+ community, we need to understand colonialism and the social structure as well as the psychological processes it has put in place in relation to gender, sexuality and their intersections with racialisation.

This course aims to provide you with enough material and reflective exercises to challenge and question dominant perspectives on gender and sexuality, as well as to examine the socio-historical factors that still influence today's mindsets.

Learning Objectives

The course is suitable for all professionals, staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, social justice, LGBTQ people, AND anti-racism.

  • Grasp basic definitions of sex, gender, and sexuality

  • Understand the impact of inequality from an intersectional lens

  • Learn how colonialism and racism are connected to present-day gender and sexual oppression around the world

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction & Reflective Skills

    2. Why does this matter?

    3. Reflections on Gender and Sexual Norms

    1. Key concepts – beyond the binary

    2. Impact: Intersectionality & Injustice

    3. Reflection point

    1. The Coloniality of Gender

    2. Controlling sexuality, controlling bodies

    3. Sex, Abuse and Racialisation

    4. Reflection point and going further

About this course

  • £69.00
  • 10 lessons
  • Reflective exercises

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