Entire groups of people have repeatedly suffered from the trauma of oppression, exploitation, and violence throughout history. Such events resonate through time and many still affect marginalised and historically oppressed communities. How do we understand the origin, transmission and impact of this trauma? What tools, strategies and practices can we employ to heal its effects?

This course aims to equip learners with a solid understanding of Intergenerational Trauma, and its theoretical and empirical underpinnings with a focus on its multilevel impact. It will also include various strategies to resist and heal from Intergenerational Trauma at an individual and collective level.


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Learning Objectives

This course is suitable for anyone interested in Trauma and its transmission through generations as well as the impact it has on Mental Health.

  • Grasp various conceptualisations of Intergenerational Trauma

  • Examine the link between history and collective trauma

  • Explore the multilevel impact of Intergenerational Trauma

  • Understand healing and resitance strategies

  • Take a positioned, embodied approach to self-reflectivity

Course content

    1. Introduction

    2. Self-care & Reflective skills

    3. Racism and trauma

    4. Violence and the construction of race

    5. Reflection point

    1. Intergenerational Trauma & transmission

    2. Epigenetics

    3. Historical Trauma & the effect of mass atrocities

    4. Post-traumatic Slave Syndrome

    5. Reflection point

    1. Impact on community

    2. Impact on family functioning

    3. Impact on Mental Health

    4. Reflection point: taking stock

    1. Collective work and Community care

    2. Healing strategies and self-care

    3. An example: Return to the Sacred Path

    4. An example: the HEART framework

    5. Reflection point

About this course

  • £399.00
  • 19 lessons
  • Reflective Exercises


  • Reading material & case studies

  • Guided study & reflective prompts

  • Relevant videos & references

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